Having a beautiful and clean garden is something that we all wish for. However, maintain your flowers, bushes, and trees can require some sort of equipment that you may not already own. In order to achieve the best results out of the tools you own, you need to have the best kind of equipment as well. With this article, we hope to guide you in buying the best gas pole saw which can help you achieve the desired results.

By having to choose the best gas powered pole saw, you will not only be able to prune the thickest of branches and grass in your garden, but you beautify and take your garden’s aesthetics to the next level. Owning big and heavy equipment might seem difficult to use but when you have the best gas pole saw, all this will be a piece of cake for you, and you will never have to hire a professional and spend your money on them to maintain your backyard or your front lawn.

The term gas pole saw may be confusing to you, but in simple terms, it means a saw which is attached to the end of a long pole. Now, this pole saw can be manual, it can be electric, it can be powered by a battery or by petrol. The pole saws that are powered via petrol are called gas pole saws.

Top Rated Gas Pole Saws Comparison

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7 Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews In 2020

1. Maxtra Gas Pole Saw


Adjustable pole length

Powerful engine

Comes with different attachments

Warranty included



The MAXTRA gas pole saw is one of the best pole saws available. The height of this pole saw’s [ole can be adjusted from 8.2 feet to 11.4 feet. The user can adjust it according to his/her own height. This feature allows you to work with your feet on the ground rather than balanced precariously on a ladder. The best part of this gas pole saw is that it comes with a powerful two stroke 42.7cc engine which has passed the EPA certification. This engine causes less pollution and does not harm the body, while doing the job effectively and efficiently. Adding more to this, the MAXTRA gas pole saw comes with various attachments which means that it can quickly turn into different tools such as hedge trimmer, string trimmer, brush cutter. Other attachments can also be purchased. The gas pole saw also comes with a carry bag which means that it is very easy to store and carry around your equipment. Last but not the least, this pole saw is backed by one-year warranty.


Warranty included

Does not create much pollution

Effective and efficient in working

Can be used as different tools

Comes with a carry bag


Heavy weight

The powerful engine makes it very noisy

Protective gear does not come with the packaging

2. TrimmerPlus Pole Saw


Automatic Oiler

Adjustable extension

2-year limited warranty

Compatible with many attachments



The TrimmerPlus pole saw comes with an eight-inch bar and chain that can cut logs up to four inches in diameter. This is perfect for trimming high branches that are mostly out of reach without an attachment of the pole saw. Other than this, the pole saw also has an expansive height and reach feature, which means that the user can adjust the extension according to their height. Two height options up to 11 feet are available. The best feature of this pole saw is that you can forget the worry of oiling it again and again. The bar and chain lubricate itself automatically with the oiler in an efficient manner. The gas pole fits many attachments units ranging from Remington, craftsman, yard, machines, yardman, so on and so forth. Lastly, the TrimmerPlus pole saw comes with a two-year limited warranty.


Adjustable extension

Automatic oiler available

Warranty available

Compatible with many other brans attachments


Not so powerful engine

Only two height options available

Not environment friendly

Protective gear does not come with the packaging

3. Poulan Pro 2 Cycle 8” Gas Pole Saw


Easy starting mechanism

Auto return stop

Tap n go head

Air purge included



The PR28PS pole saw features a 28cc, 2 stroke engine with an 8″ bar and a 3′ extension for a 12′ reach. Accessories that come along with it include shoulder strap and trimmer attachment. Poulan Pro trimmers boast features that ensure there’s a unit perfect for every job. The attachment’s capable trimmers, with Pro-Link, are designed to accept 6 optional attachments that make them even more versatile. From standard trimming to blowing, tilling, hedge trimming, edging, brush-cutting and even tree pruning.


No confusing choke allows for easy start-up

Six optional trimmer attachments

Automatic line feeding/extending


No mention of warranty

No adjustable pole

No protective gear available

4. Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw


Comes with oiler

Carry bag and strap included



The Echo gas powered pole saw comes with a powerhead, shaft assembly, gear case, strap, operator’s manual, and a wrench starter. It uses recoil fuel and is powered by gas oil. The capacity of gas oil is 7.6 oz. Moreover, the product comes with an automatic and adjustable oiler. The length of the pole saw bar is twelve-inches and the handle type is loop. More features include telescoping pruner with rubber paddling on front and rear handles, heavy duty gear case with a twelve-inch bar and a reduced effort starter.



Operator’s guide available

Storage bag included

Automatic oiler

Bar with decent height included


No mention of guarantee

The bar length is not adjustable

Not friendly to the environment

Protective gear does not come with the gas pole saw

5. Poulan Pro Gas Pole Saw


Powerful engine

Can reach heights

Easy startup

Capable of attachments



The Poulan Pro consists of an eight-inch saw bar which cuts branches up to six-inch in diameter. It has a 2-stroke 25 cc engine which brings out beautiful results. The total reach of the gas pole saw is twelve feet. Furthermore, it has a Surefire starting with a spring assist. Lastly, the gas pole saw comes with a pro link attachment capability.



Powerful stroke

Reaches branches that are high up

Easy starting up mechanism

Capable of multiple attachment heads


Length of the pole is not adjustable

No automatic oiler

No protective gear

Not friendly to the environment

Makes a lot of noise

6. BLUE MAX Gas pole saw


10-inch bar and chain

Idle speed 2700-3400 rpm

Clutch engagement speed 4500 rpm

3/8-inch pitch



The Bluemax 32.6cc Gasoline Pole Saw has safety automatic clutch for easier starting and reliability, the Anti-vibration system provides maximum comfort with less fatigue. This Blue Max Gasoline Pole Saw is carefully balanced for easier, more effective operation and the fuel primer, removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.



Powerful engine

Produces beautiful results due to high speed

Good weight to power ratio

Easy start up mechanism available


Bar and pole length is not adjustable

No automatic coiler

Protective gear does not come with the packaging

No mention of warranty

Produces a lot of noise

7. MAXTRA 42.7cc Gas Pole Tree Trimming


Engine certification available

Long reach with an extension pole available

Comes with a carry bag

Can serve various purposes



The MAXTRA 42.7cc gas pole has a powerful 42.7 cc engine. It provides more power and can ultimately trim branches with a thickness around seven to eight inches. The engine is certified by the EPA so it produces less pollution and other toxic emissions. The MAXTRA gas pole saw can reach a height of up to 14-inches without a ladder, making it safer and more convenient to use. Moreover, the gas pole saw comes with a carry bag which makes it easy to store and carry around to different locations.



Packaging includes gas pole saw, hedge trimmer and string trimmer

EPA approved so it is friendly to the environment

Produces less noise

Carry bag included

Can reach high branches without the use of a ladder


The height of the pole cannot be adjusted

Machine is heavy due to the powerful engine

Protective gear is not available

Five Advantages Of Gas Pole Saws


As mentioned above, there are different kinds of pole saws that are available in the market. For example, electric pole saws, battery powered pole saws, manual pole saws and gas pole saws. In order to choose the best one for yourself, we have compiled a list of advantages of gas pole saws, so you can make an informed decision before making your purchase. The advantages of gas pole saws are as follows:

  • In comparison to electric pole saws, gas pole saws are cheaper to buy.


  • In terms of being more powerful, gas pole saws are capable of cutting down the thickest of trees and its branches. Hence, out of all the other types of pole saws, gas pole saws have the most strength.


  • The weight of the gas pole saw is evenly distributed, which does not make it too difficult to use.


  • If you are someone who is looking into their garden and sees trees stretching as far as the eye can go, or if you are planning to take your pole saw to another location, then gas pole saw is definitely the way to go. As there are no extensions or electric cables attached, gas pole saws are more portable. Moreover, this feature gives you many more options to use the gas powered pole saws in different ways.


  • Gas pole saws are the choice of most professional gardeners.


Five Disadvantages of Gas Powered Pole Saws


Just like any other product, gas pole saws come with its own disadvantages as well. Different products and equipment are suitable for different people. While product A can be beneficial for one user, it can create problems for another. Therefore, we have made up a list of some drawbacks of owning a gas pole saw, as reviewed by people. The disadvantages are as follows:

  • One of the major problems that pole saw users have to face is the kickback. It makes it hard, especially for beginners, to control powerful pole saws. As gas pole saws are very strong, they can easily twist out, therefore making them unsafe to use.


  • As much as you would want to complete your work on time, so you can shift your focus to other commitments, you also need to consider the environment. One should be working with tools and equipment that are least harmful to the ecosystem. Sadly, gas pole saws are not one of the environment-friendly tools. They emit a lot of toxic pollutants that can harm the environment, just like any gas powered equipment would do. If you are looking for an eco-friendly tool, gas pole saws are a big no-no!


  • Gas pole saws are not easy to use. Their heavyweight and the unit of power they emit make it very hard to handle gas pole saws, causing more trouble to beginners. They are not only heavy but also cause quite a lot of friction.


  • Gas pole saws may be a little cheaper than other types of pole saws, but the regular requirement of oil takes up a lot of cost in the long term. Regular oiling is required in order to make your gas pole saw work at its best performance and they can cause a strain on your back if you are not that fit.


  • Gas pole saws are very noisy and produces a lot of vibrations.


12 Things To Be Consider Before Buying The Best Gas Pole Saws


Yard work requires handy and convenient tools that will help you finish the job promptly. Of course, you can complete everything manually, but it will take you too much time and muscle fatigue to do it. The best way to reduce the hassle is to find the reliable gas-powered pole saw. However, finding the appropriate one is not a simple task. It requires prior knowledge, through research, and understanding. That is why we decided to present you things to consider when gas-powered buying pole saw:


Power To Weight Ratio


Choosing the right pole saw for your needs means that you have to find the perfect balance between weight and power. Have in mind that you will hold the pole saw over your head, which means that heavier models can cause muscle strains. On the other hand, the entry models are lightweight but lack in power. That is why you should choose the model that has enough power and weight that you can handle.


Bar Length


Bar is the length of the area at the end covered by a chain. You can find the distance between six and twelve inches. You should have in mind that longer bar will give you the possibility to handle thicker branches.




Pole saw is the dangerous piece of equipment and carries specific risks with it. Imagine that you are holding 10-feet chainsaw over your head while cutting branches. That is why you should choose the one that has ergonomic, anti-slip, and anti-vibration grip so that you can use it for an extended amount of time.


Extension And Reach


Each branch and tree is the difference. Sometimes you have to cut through hard-to-reach places, which means that you have to check the length and height of pole extension and the maximum reach.


Performance And Price


You may be tempted to buy the expensive high-rated gas pole saw, but it may not be the right decision. Consider the price and value offered by the pole saw and determine which one fits your needs.




Usually, most pole saws are going to make noise, but the gas-powered pole saws make more noise than the electric. The sound comes primarily from the two sources, one is from the chain cutting the branch, and the second is from the engine.
The gas-powered pole saw usually has a more powerful engine and tend to generate more noise. Most of the time, sound may not be an issue, but if you are living in residential areas, then your neighbor may not like it if you are going to use it for an extended hour. Check out the noise reduction features available in the gas pole saw. Excessive noise can also become a safety issue, as it increases fatigue.




Cutting branches and limbs at high places may need the correct cutting angle and reach of the chainsaw. A bulkier and poorly designed gas pole saw may make it difficult to reach between branches or bushes.
A slimmer chainsaw head profile and longer telescopic pole length provide you better maneuverability to position the pole saw at the right cutting angle.


Pole saw Weight & Balance


The overall weight of the pole saw is an essential factor. It determines how long you can hold the pole saw to get the job done safely. Too heavy pole saw makes it challenging to keep it stable on the cutting task and increases the risk of accidentally dropping it. Most pole saws are lightweight, and you may not feel it much if you simply lift it from the ground. But it gets tiring if you have to hold it above 10 feet of your head for an extended period. Make sure the design of the gas pole is simple and less cumbersome so it can be easily moved around. A well balanced and lightweight gas pole saw makes it easier to do the precise cutting.


Pole Length


The pole length attaches to the chainsaw and determines how high you can go when cutting branches. There is multiple pole length saw available, and you want the size which fits most of your gardening needs.


Chainsaw Power:


The chainsaw power is dependent on the power rating of a gas engine that is usually an internal combustion engine. The power of the engine is denoted in the CC, and the higher the power rating of the engine means need of bigger size engine and the extra weight of the pole saw. You can choose the engine power from 25cc to 43cc, but for most residents, the 25cc should be enough to handle most of the tree branches in the medium size garden.


Cutting Capacity:


Most of what you will do with your gas pole saw will be pruning limbs above you. That means cutting from the top down. You’ll want to find a model that best accommodates this.


Detachable Head:


Most of the attachments that gas powered pole saws have to offer are meant to be used for maintaining gardens, lawns, and yards. If you don’t plan to use your pole saw for any of these things you don’t really need to find one that adapts to different attachments. However, if you do plan to do these things, then it is absolutely worth it to buy one that does.


Four Easy Steps How To Use A Gas Pole Saw


Gas pole saws have a variety of uses and for your ease, we have listed below a few of them:

Step 1 : Cutting branches


The most common and non-specific use of a pole saw is simply cutting branches. This can be on a tree, a bush, a shrub, or whatever else has branches. For the most part, a pole saw is best used on any branch that you can’t safely reach while standing flat-footed on the ground, and without having to strain. If you have to climb on a step stool or ladder or stand on the tips of your toes to reach a brand to saw, it’s always best to use a pole saw instead.


Step 2: Tree Pruning


Tree pruning and tree trimming can sometimes get mixed up, and that’s certainly understandable. While tree trimming is something that generally happens in response to an issue with the tree and thus happens as needed, tree pruning is something typically done annually, to prepare the tree for healthy growth for the coming warmer months ahead. For this reason, pruning can be a lot more difficult, as it’s entirely strategic, and requires some knowledge about the tree, it’s growth patterns, and any specific methods to keep it healthy throughout the year.


A big part of tree pruning is deciding what branches need to be prioritized, and which ones may develop into a problem further down the line, whether that’s from sustaining unhealthy growth on injured limbs, or limbs that could end up getting in the way of others, distorting the ideal shape of the tree. Tree pruning is complicated, difficult, and requires some knowledge on the overall process, as opposed to tree trimming, which is merely lopping off limbs that can’t be on the tree any longer.


Step 3: Brush Clearing


Sometimes pole saws can be used as a sort of wrecking ball for problematic growth, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a tree. Pole saws are popular for clearing our large brush and growths in the way of paths, construction, and whatever else is hindered by wayward vegetation and tree branches.


Step 4:Tree Trimming:


Tree trimming is arguably the more common application of a pole saw. In this case, it’s important to differentiate between trimming and pruning. For the most part, tree trimming refers to the process of removing unwanted limbs. These can be limbs that have died, are in the process of dying, or limbs that are simply in the way of something, like power lines. Unless the tree is short, or the unwanted branches are close to the ground, a pole saw is almost always the best way to go about removing these limbs.

10 Techniques How To Properly Maintain The Gas Pole Saws


  • Make sure that the chain oil reservoir is filled with bar and chain before you start using it.


  • Before operating your gas pole saw, look out for loose screws, nuts and bolts and tighten them to avoid any trouble later on.


  • Scan the pole for damaged and worn out parts before using it. It is recommended that you do a thorough checkup at least twice before starting up the machine.


  • Make sure that the blade cutters of your pole saw are sharp and the chain is tensioned correctly.


  • If you have previously tightened up the chain of your pole saw, loosen it after you are done using it. The chain contracts as the saw cool down, which can cause damage to your equipment if it is too tight.


  • Whenever you sharpen or replace the chain, clean the guide bar rails and then oil the passages manually. Keep that chain spinning freely.


  • After each use, clean your equipment with a damp cloth.


  • Make sure that the storage place of your pole saw is dry and well ventilated.


  • The chain oil is likely to seep when it is not being used, even in the best gas pole saws, so choose your storage location accordingly. Keep your gas pole saw away from things that you want to keep clean.


  • Make certain that your pole saw is stored in a secure location – consider locking it up to prevent damage or unauthorized use.


How to Safely Use A Gas Powered Pole Saw


It is important for everyone to know that how can they use a gas polesaw safely, without hurting themselves, and the people around them. Before even starting up your gas powered pole saw, you need to make sure that you are wearing the right kind of protective gear. As we know that even the best gas pole saws are very noisy, so you need to be prepared to tackle this. We recommend that you use ear protection before using them.

Moving on, you should be wearing gloves, face shields, eye shield, and a hard hat while you operate your pole saw. Some gas pole saws include a face shield, gloves, and ear protection in their packaging, so be sure that you get one of those, in order to avoid extra purchases. Once you are all protected and inappropriate gear, you can now begin to use your gas powered pole saw.

When using a pole saw to trim or cut down branches, it is important to ensure that you are not pushing too hard or applying a lot of force to it. Hold it steadily and let the pole saw do the work for you. Make sure that you are keeping your arms at the level of your waist to stay in control of the gas pole saw, while you operate it. When you are finished with the cutting or trimming, release the throttle and wait until the blade comes to a complete stop. When the blade stops making any movement at all, you can then lower it.


Before purchasing the best gas pole saw for yourself, you need to first determine that how much that you plan to use it, how much work will you get out of the tool. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind the kind of debris that you will be cutting. You do not want to purchase a very heavy pole saw, nor do you want to get yourself a lightweight pole saw which fails to fulfill its purpose. Hence, we suggest that you carry out an extensive research before making any purchases, and wish you luck with whatever suits your requirements. Happy pole sawing!