If you have jumped on this article, then it probably means that you, too, are dealing with overhanging branches and want to prune those branches in your garden/yard.

Pruning off the branches is critical and, most important, not just for the health of your trees, but it also adds beauty to your garden. Garden caring is one of the most popular hobbies these days. People spend hours in their yard trying to soothe themselves and enjoy quality time. Therefore, you must take care of the garden that gives you back such positive vibes. To serve this purpose you need to have some of the best manual pole saws in your home to keep your garden healthy and green.

There are specific essential tools that come handy when nurturing your garden, and one of the most important ones is a pole saw. They are also named as pole pruners or tree pruners and are a must-have item/ tool for your garden.

As the name suggests, the best manual pole saws help you in pruning the trees and large outgrown bushes. Pruning the trees not only helps in keeping people safe, but it also keeps the diseases and pests from attacking your luscious garden.

By now, you would have understood the importance of pruning the trees, so now you can make a quick guess as to how much pruning the trees is vital for your garden and what exactly you need for it – a manual pole saw. Although there are many available options for you to choose from when it comes to selecting a tool for pruning the trees. However, those electric gadgets will not only cost you a handsome amount of sum but are also quite hard to maintain.

You will be amazed to know that in this era of technology where people are shifting from manual stuff to electric techs, manual pole saw is still the best option for you to pick. This great tool not only provides you versatility but also offers super control when trimming the branches. It ensures that your delicate garden is not ruined and that it is cut in a nice fashion.

Now, as you have enough knowledge about the pole saws, let’s delve into the journey of choosing the best (manual pole saw) fit for you.

You can scroll down for a detailed guide and tour, but just in case you are in a rush, then you can directly jump on the next section and find the quick picks that we have for jotted down for you.

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List Of 10 Best Manual Pole Saws Reviews In 2020


Just like any other device that is there in the market, the pole saws also serve various needs. Some pole saws are geared to serve for the do-it-yourself purpose. While the others are designed for professionals of the domain.


1. Fiskars 12 Foot Extendable Manual PoleSaw


Fiskars Power – Lever extendable is regarded as the best manual pole saw as it continues to provide its users exceptional pruning power and reaches. Fiskars is a versatile tool used to trim & cut branches. Several vital attributes contribute to its popularity in the market. If you are tight on budget, you are still not restricted to enjoy its perks.


Power lever technology

Lifetime warranty

Maximum cutting capacity


Easy to use


Power-Lever technology – Gives You More Cutting Power


Fiskars 14-foot pole comes with a power – lever technology that gives you up to 2 X more cutting power. With Fiskars Power – Lever Extendable Tree Pruner, you can make reaching & cutting high branches much feasible. It gives you up to 2 times more leverage than conventional tree pruner.


Easy to Handle


Once the branches are cut, you can now saw them by hand i.e., collapse the saw into the small saw to use it by hand. When doing this, you need to leave a working area of 6 feet to minimize pole bend. It is lightweight and lets you quickly cut small branches that are less than 5 inches in diameter.


Wood Zig Saw Blade


Upon purchasing this pruner, you can also get 15 inches of Wood Zig Saw blade, which makes a clean-cut with minimal effort. The pole is collapsible, and therefore you can remove the pole if you feel like using it by hand.




It is lightweight and collapsible in nature; due to all these characteristics, this pole saw is said to be portable. You can carry it around quickly and can save it in a compact space.


Working Range


This best tree pruner allows you a range of 5-12 feet in length of the working area. It is regarded as one of the best available options for many tree types due to its toughness.




The pole is made of very high quality and is 14-foot long to reach high branches. With this, you do not need to climb the ladder and maintain the graceful shape of your luscious trees. Instead, you can work by standing on the floor. The fully hardened, precision-ground steel pruning blade features a rust-resistant blade. It is covered with a low-friction coating, and this makes cutting more manageable and efficient.


It has a lifetime warranty.

Gives you two-handed control.


It lacks the durabilityof the pole.

2. DocaPole 5-12 Foot Pole


The Doca Pole Go Saw 24 Pruning kit is the ultimate solution to your pruning needs. It gives you ideal high-reach and is the best manual pruning saw kit. You can use this right pole saw to trim both high trees and the bushes, so for this multi-purpose, you can remove the pole or work with the mast according to your changing needs. It is a high-end product but is quite expected, as you can expect from a product which serves all your needs.


Use by hand

Razor-sharp 3-sided taper-ground teeth

Flexible ceiling fan duster

Extended pole and long handle

Razor Sharp 3-Sided Taper Ground Teeth


Doca Pole uses 3-sided razor-sharp teeth that make pruning more natural and quicker. Corona tree pruner is made up of 3X more massive ground teeth. With Doca Pole in hand, you can boast off about its toughness to reach and cut the trees and bushes that were impossible for regular saws.


Use by hand


Once the branches are cut, you can now saw them by hand, i.e., collapse the saw into the small saw to use it by hand. When doing this, you need to leave a working area of 6 feet to minimize pole bend.




The blade is a 13-inch bi-directional saw blade which makes a clean-cut with the minimal effort. The pole is collapsible, and therefore you can remove the pole if you feel like using it by hand.




Due to its lightweight and collapsible nature, Doca Pole is regarded as a portable saw. You can quickly move it anywhere with you as it takes minimum storage space and effort. 


Working Range


This best tree pruner allows you a range of 5-12 feet in length of the working area. It is regarded as one of the best available options for many tree types due to its toughness.




The pole is made of very high quality. The pole is carved out of aluminum and is both sturdy and lightweight, which makes it easy to use. It is covered with rustproof chrome plating, which adds to its lifetime. The pole can adjust between 6-feet to 24-feet.


It does pretty much everything, and if high quality is your top concern, then this is your right choice.


It is pretty much expensive and will cost you a considerable fortune.


3.  Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw


Hooyman extendable tree saw is known to produce the finest and the most premium tree saws and other cutting tools in the market. Hooyman extendable tree saw has a compact body along with versatile features that are in- line with the ergonomic design.  It has matchless cutting performance and exceptional durability. The fact that it can be folded during travel and has a helpful locking system to extend the pole makes it quite functional and handy.


Convertible hand saw

Lock back blade

beam aluminum

Mega Bite Teeth Blade

MegaBite Teeth Blade


It is a 4-edged, 12 inches curved cutting blade with unparalleled cutting ability. The aggressive sawtooth operates efficiently by moving both ways, forward and backward to create heavy bites




The MegaBite XP Blade is tapered with High carbon SK5 which gives a cleaner cut without requiring repeated sharpening. Furthermore, Aluminum I-Beam construction keeps the pole lightweight along with maintaining a steady and firm design. The pole saw is ergonomically designed to make it easier to hold for a longer period of time.


Working Range


The Hooyman can be extended up to 16 feet and can be collapsed to 48 inches. However, 5 Foot and 10 Foot extendable pole saws are also available.




Since the blade can be locked back and easily folded with just the touch of a finger, it can fit into any bag or backpack and can be easily transported from one place to another. Furthermore, it is very lightweight which enhances its portability for hunting or any other outdoor activity.




To maintain the durability of the saw, storage cases for 5-foot saw are also available. Moreover, the blade has a longer cutting life due to its unmatched 4-edged tooth feature.

Easy to Handle

The foldable blade makes it easier to use for sawing and trimming trees. It is able to cut through high branches without requiring any ladder.


Gives you a great working range

Highly portable

Ergonomic design makes it easy to grip.

Foldable blade




4. Milliard 6-16 Extendable Tree Pruner


Milliard extendable pole saw is said to be manual telescopic pole saw. This pole saw is designed to handle thick branches without wobbling during the cut. The 3-sided sharp blade maximizes cutting speed and minimizes the effort. It works best for your yard without costing you a fortune.


Extra Long Extension

Smooth Cutting

Pully System

Comfortable use

Moderate price

Tough blade



The blade is 14 inches long and 1.2 mm thick. It is carved in a way that can handle thick and sturdy tree branches.Do you hate to sharpen your blade every now and then? Millard is made from high carbon steel and is sharpened on 3 sides; this gives it a smooth cut in one go and solves your problem of maintaining the saw.


Double Tackle Compound Pulley System


This is an additional feature which the owners of Millard Pruner enjoy. It helps the gardener to tackle tough branches with least effort. It multiplies your efforts to 4X and thus you have todo 4X less work.


Working Range


The pole pruner can extend up to 16 feet long and can be adjusted to as low as 6 feet. Ultimately it can work well with high trees and low bushes. The adjustable hand is designed to maximize the grip that prevents rope burn while pulling the branches.




The pole is lightweight and has a non-stick coating on it. This coating keeps the blade from rusting and prevents the debris and sap from sticking around the blade edge. It also extends the life of the blade which ultimately means that it is easier to maintain.

The extendable pole is made fromhigh grade fiberglass which means it is both easy to handle and lightweight. It also means that it gives you a firm grip while cutting.


It is lightweight

It works best for tough branches

Ideal for home use

Great working range


It is not an ideal choice for bigger jobs


5.Corona TP DualCOMPOUND ACTION 14-ft. Tree Pruner


Corona tree pruner is regarded as the best manual pole saw available. It is moderately sized and is ideally optimized for dense orchards pruning. Corona tools have a long history of designing superior tools that ensure a long-lasting performance with safety. They provide you features that can leave you awed.


Sharp & longer teeth

Heavy-duty pruning head

Smooth action chain drive system

24 inches foam grip

14-foot compound action pruner

3X Ground Teeth


Corona tree pruner is made up of 3X more massive ground teeth. These teeth help to cut the branches 2 times faster than usual. The impulse-hardened teeth stay hardened for a long time and thus guarantee a long lifetime. Each whetstone-ground MAX Razor TOOTH is sharpened on three sides while manufacturing, and this provides you an ultimate pruning experience, beating the conventional saw blade in competition.


Smooth Action Chain Driver System


The smooth action chain drive dual compound pulley system adds to the capacity of the pole saw and triples its power




The manual pole saw has a 14-foot tree pruner length, with a fully heat-treated, high carbon-coated, PTFE non-stick, cutlery steel cutting blade.




It has a heavy-duty die-cast zinc alloy pruning head attached, which hooks onto branches, supports up to 1 1/4 inches in diameter cutting capacity, and slices through the branches sharply.


Rope Pull Feature


It also consists of an exclusive power glide rope pull system which covers 14 foot in length. And curved 13-inch razor-sharp conventional saw that maximizes pruning versatility. The pole also features a twist-lock adjustment for quick and safe pole adjustment.


Working Range


This ideal saw allows you a maximum of 14 feet of working range. It is not the best available option in this regard but is still a decent choice for orchards.




Corona uses the top-quality, lightweight telescoping fiberglass material and is said to have the most convenient design. The pole can adjust between 7-feet to 14-feet.


Twist lock adjustment


This product ensures your safety, and there it has a twist-lock adjustment for a safe pole adjustment, so you don’t have to compromise security.


It has a reasonable price

Great for orchard trimming and shorter trees


It cannot be used for commercial use

Not ideal for more extended trees

Has a limited warranty


6. Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner


Fiskars 12 feet Power- Lever Extendable tree pruner is considered as one of the most popular and versatile products for cutting and trimming branches. It is a strong, high cutting tool with an extendable Pole saw and pruner. Moreover, it offers two various cutting options along with a double locking system. 


Clean and easy cuts of high branches with 12 feet extended pole.

Double locking system for safety

Two in one tree trimming system

Lightweight and strong fiberglass poles

Lifetime warranty


Precision-ground steel pruner is built to cut smaller branches ranging up to 1 inch thick while the larger branches are removed through 12 inches double grind saw.


Working Range:


Fiskars 12- foot measures from a decent 7.9 feet to 12 feet. 




 Due to its lightweight feature, Fiskars 12 feet is considered portable.




The fiberglass pole is kept lightweight for easier portability, yet it is constructed strong for the extension of 12 feet for the tree trimming task. Its lightweight ability makes it easier to operate even in an awkward position. Moreover, the steel pruner has a special low- friction coating which ensures clean cuts and decreased gumming. Rust Resistance is also enhanced. 


Superior Locks:


In order to maintain the balance of the extended pole, the double locking system is introduced. It consists of a flip and internal spring button lock. Since the pole can be extended to 12 feet, the locking system essentially provides superior control and ensures that the pole will not collapse while cutting.


Easy to Handle:


High branches can be easily cut without using any ladder while the low cuts can be handled without bending one’s knee into dense shrubs. Moreover, the Pruner does not require any rope which saves the efforts of untangling and handling the rope. Since the pole saw is lightweight, it will be easier and less tiring to carry out the cutting tasks.


It has a reasonable price

Great for orchard trimming and shorter trees


It cannot be used for commercial use

Not ideal for more extended trees

Has a limited warranty




Notch manual pole saw is regarded as the professional choice in U.S. companies along with expert homeowners. With Notch manual pole saw in hand, you can work for hours without being tired.


Professional Interlocking fiberglass.

3 pieces detachable pole

Fast pull-cutting tooth.

Efficient for personal and professional use.

Razor Sharp Fast Pull-Cutting Tooth Design3-Sided Taper Ground Teeth


The 15 inches sharp fast pull-cutting tooth design blade offers a smooth cut. It is carved by impulse hardened teeth and rust-resistant chrome plating. The SK4 steel blade ensures that the pole does not wobble while pruning. The fast pull cutting design allows you a firm grip on the tree branch. It also ensures that you get a clean cut in a single stroke.


Assemble and Disassemble


It is very trivial to assemble and disassemble the saw. Therefore, you can securely remove it once your job is done. As the pole is sturdy, consequently, it is easy to put it together.




Due to its lightweight and collapsible nature, Doca Pole is regarded as a portable saw. You can quickly move it anywhere with you as it takes minimum storage space and effort.


Working Range


This best tree pruner allows you a range of 5-12 feet in length of the working area. It is regarded as one of the best available options for many tree types due to its toughness.




The fiberglass pole gives you a total of 18 feet of working area. Each pole is 6 feet long, and you can attach it to the central pole. This gives us 3 detachable poles of 6 feet each. Due to these 6 feet chunks of the pole, you can work on your desired length of 6 feet, 12 feet, or 18 feet distance. This unique feature also allows you to cut trees of all ranges and sizes, without having the need to climb a ladder or bend too low for the bushes.


It has a reasonable price.

Great for professional and personal use.





8. Gilmour 6-Inch Curved Blade POLE SAW


Gilmour is yet another excellent and durable, cutting & trimming solution for you. It also fits the budget and is pretty useful in handling both the small as well the thicker branches.

Gilmour’s commercial pole saw 2020 is the best quality commercial pruner for your garden. This trimmer is approved for use by phone and utility companies around the globe. It is best known for its durable nature.

Let’s delve a bit more into its characteristics.





Easy to assemble



Gilmour is the most durable trimmer that is available in the market. It is made up of high-quality material and thus guarantees a long-lasting life. The product is lightweight, and therefore it is easy to use.




Due to its lightweight, this pole saw is considered a durable solution. You can carry it anywhere you want and even keep it locked up easily.




The blade of this best pole saw is 16 inches and is covered with a non-stick coating. The saw head is made up of durable cast aluminum. Aluminum ensures that the blade does not rust easily and ensures a long life of the edge. It also keeps the blade sharp. The module also resists resin.


Fiberglass poles


Three 6 foot by 1-1/4 inches diameter fiberglass poles is used to pull down cut branches. Once you have the branches, then these poles are used to carefully pull and place them down.




The saw also has a hook attached to it. This is an additional feature of the saw, which helps you to carry the cut branches and pulling them.


Octagonal Pole Design


This saw comes in a three octagonal pole design that gives you maximum leverage to handle the branches.




The assembling of this saw is natural, and thus it is an efficient solution in any way. You just need to drill the holes through the fiberglass to attach it to the pole.


Working Range


The saw allows you a maximum of 18 feet of the working range, and although it is not the tallest option in the market, it is still a decent fit for home gardening and pruning purposes.




Gilmour uses the top-quality fiberglass material and is said to have the most convenient design.



This product will not only fit your budget but is also ideal in handling all kinds of branches.


It has a reasonable price.



It cannot be used for commercial use.




Jameson has been producing fiberglass since 1956 and is consistently providing the best quality, thus, constantly remaining the professional’s best choice. Jameson is the most reasonable choice for anyone who prefers a lightweight and easily handled trimmer.  The variety of extension of the pole helps in gaining access to different shapes and sizes of the trees

best manual polesaws


Lightweight fiberglass build

Easily separated for storage and cleaning purposes

Versatile 2- pole system


13- inch Barracuda Tri-Cut saw blade work effectively by its impulse- hardened teeth to decrease blade wear and increase cutting ability. Furthermore, the blade is operated with a pulley system which makes sawing branches easier. The blade has a non-stick coating which does not let any sort of dirt or sap to be sticking around the edges.  



Since the components of the pole can be easily removed, it can be transported anywhere with the utmost ease.


Working Range


Pole can be extended to 12 feet high in order to trim the branches of tall trees. 




Jameson has a 2- pole system along with an easy- change aluminum ferrules. The fiberglass poles have a hollow core with 0.125- inch thick walls. The use of non-fiberglass on the surface of the pole prevents the fiber blooming which normally occurs after extensive use. Furthermore, the pulley bypass pruner has a 1-1/4- inch side cut capacity.  It comes with a pruner, pole adapter, 6- foot base pole, saw head, 6- foot extension pole, and a 20- foot rope.




The non-stick coating enhances the life of the saw as no sticky material will be able to affect the quality of the blade.


Easy to use:


Jameson saves a lot of time and effort from the customer by providing a pre-assembled pruner and saw. The worry of putting all the elements together correctly does not exist for Jameson costumers.   Due to the non-stick coating, the cutting of the branches is more comfortable and the procedure of cleaning it is easier as well. Furthermore, the pole is designed to be lightweight which enhances its possibility to be used in a variety of conditions.


It can be easily stored, cleaned and transported as it can breakdown effortlessly



It is expensive in comparison with another manual pole saw


10. ARS Telescoping Pole Saw


It is the final product on our recommendation list. This product is not regarded for heavy-duty pruning rather it is made for light use. Due to its short length, this pole is not made for the majority of your tasks thus if you own this then it probably means you only need minor fixes in your garden.


Drop forged blades

Telescoping handle

Adjustable head

Ergonomic grip

Single lever operation



It is incredibly lightweight and thus can fit any bag-pack. It is easy to carry around and so we ultimately call it one of the most portable saws.

Working Range


It is a very short pole pruner and only gives you a working range of 4 to 6 feet. Due to this, it is not considered the best fit to suit the needs of many people.




This saw is incredibly lightweight and weighs only 22 lbs.and is one of the lightest pole saws that you will find in stores. Its lightweight lets you operate it for extended hours without feeling fatigued.Its swing neck can be adjusted at an angle of 30 degrees. This helps you to prune at awkward positions.

The ergonomic finish of the grip makes handling and cutting easier.


It has a reasonable price.

Comfortable to use



It is a very short pole between 4 and 6 feet



Why Consider Manual Pole Saws?


  • Maintenance

  • Cheap

  • Weightless

  • Length

  • Environment



Despite all the benefits and the perks that it has to offer, the Manual pole saw still comes with limitations. The two major drawbacks of using Manual pole saw are:


Physical Force 


 It requires a lot of physical force and pressure when using a manual saw. Therefore, you need to be a bit tough when using it.

Time Consuming Process-


 It is a prolonged process when compared with the electric pole saw, and thus it is ultimately much more time-consuming.


If you can somehow overcome these limitations, then you can enjoy the following perks with a manual pole saw.


10 Benefits Of A Best Manual Pole Saws


Before you dig in further, this question might hit your mind that why do you even need pole saws? Why should you go for a manual option when there are so many electric and more robust solutions available for you? Well, there are several reasons to answer your questions and clear your doubts. Well, the first and foremost reason is its price.




Manual tree trimmers are yet again the best possible solution because they are quite light in weight. As there is no extra material attached to the saw; therefore, it is lightweight and portable to carry around. They are the best option for a small garden and lawn size requirements.




Manual pole saws are much cheaper and pocket friendly than the ones that run on gas or consume electricity. The reason is that it neither requires a battery to operate nor needs gas to run on. So, there is no on-going need for fuel, which definitely cuts the budget short.




As they are small and lightweight; therefore, they are highly portable. You can carry these best poles around anywhere and can store them in a very compact space. They are easy to move, as there are no cumbersome attachments below them. Also, they need no fuel to operate them; thus, again, they are a portable option for you, and you can carry them anywhere you want.


No Noise Pollution


Unlike electric pole saws, which operate on electricity and the gas pole saws which require fuel to function, manual pole saws don’t have such limitations. These pole saws do not produce noise and are thus not irritating/ harmful to your ears.


Eco Friendly


The gas pruner run of fuel and produce heavy smoke in the environment which turns out to be an air pollutant, but manual tree trimmer does not provide any smoke and is environment friendly. Due to which you can regard it as eco-friendly.


Operated In Any Weather


The electric pole saw comes with a limitation that you cannot use it in extreme weather conditions like rain or shallow temperature. But the plus point of manual pole saw is that you can use it in any weather condition and whenever you need it.




Manual pole saws don’t have a powered chain, which can make the user worrisome that it might fall off. Nor is it operated on fuel that it might cause harm to the lungs and body of the user. Manual pole saws are, therefore, are a much safer and reliable option to choose from.




They are easier to maintain. For maintenance purposes, all you must do is keep the pole, and they saw tidy from any debris and dust particles. It does not have any complex parts, thus, making it easier to use & maintain. Other than keeping the saw tidy, you need to make sure that the blade of the saw is always sharp enough to use it whenever you want.




The pole saw has a long blade and a long span; therefore, it also helps you to cut the branches without having to use a ladder. In other words, you need to check how telescopic you want your saw to be. The one with a moderate (modest minimum) length and a significant maximum weight will be the ideal choice.




They provide absolute control


14 Important Things To Be Look In A Best Manual Pole Saws


Until now, you have seen much about the benefits and perks of using a manual pole saw. The next goal is to decide which one is the best fit for you. The following are some handy considerations that will help you to narrow down your search.

Let us walk you through the buyer’s guide!




When choosing any tool with a device, you need to make sure that its blade is not blunt. It should make a clean cut and should easily cut the hard and thick branched in two halves. When buying a pole saw, you need to make sure that it is made of good quality and gives high performance. The saw must be fashioned with lightweight material and should not snap off while cutting.

Usually, the high-performance saw blade is made up of carbon steel with an extra layer on it to protect it from rusting and lower friction when cutting.


Detach The Saw


If there is an option to detach the saw in case it becomes rusty, it is old or broken. Or you simply want to remove it for storage use, then it is an excellent characteristic feature of the manual pole saw.




The pole saws don’t have a fixed size, which means that they come in a wide range of pole lengths. For example, you have big trees, and they have thick branches, then you might want to go with the one that has a longer pole length. On the other hand, if you have smaller branches to trim, then you might have to go with a different option.


Pole Shape & Material


The next thing that you look after you have the right pole length for you is the material and the shape of the pole. The right pole should be made of the robust material; it should be stiff enough, ensuring that the pole doesn’t wobble while making a cut. It should also be light in weight, so it doesn’t become too troublesome to carry the load and make a cut.


Cutting Versatility


A good saw is judged by its cutting capacity. You should go for the one that offers plenty of cutting versatility. The longer the pole, the thicker tree branches it can cut. The most common blade sizes are 6 to 12 inches in range. When choosing a saw, you should get yourself one which is a few inches longer than the branch diameter.




Whenever you choose a saw based on its weight, then you should choose the lightest one for yourself. It is flexible and easy to use and doesn’t become hectic while lifting. The light pole saws are also much easier to grip and help you trim the branches without any hustle.

If a saw is weightless, then another advantage that you can enjoy is that you won’t feel tired while using it.

The weight of the pole depends on certain factors, including and not limited to its material, quality, and size.

For a precise & smooth cut, you should make sure that the weight of the pole is evenly distributed.




This is an extra tool that comes with some of the pole saws. This pruner helps you to prune the small branches while the saw enables you to cut healthy branches. It is vital when cutting fruit trees as they are delicate in nature and require some extra care.


Cutting Action


The branches that are comparatively sturdier and thick you might need to look for a pole saw which has lever cutting action. This helps the pole saw to move back & forth quickly. This divides the load, but there are two sides of the coin with this feature; you would need to compromise with the time. The lever cutting action makes cutting easier but is time taking.




A pole saw which is made up of good quality and last longer is considered to be a durable option. It should be made up of exceptional quality and simple design. Such products may cost a bit more, but definitely, they are worth it as they last longer than the usual substandard pole saws.




Whenever a product comes with a warranty card, it gives you the satisfaction of mind that you have opted for the right product and that no matter what happens, you will still be able to make a claim if things go wrong.




While some of the saw units are telescopic, the others are modular. Modular saws are the ones that can easily break down into little modules so you can store them easily. They are an excellent tool for travelers to carry around and easy to transport.

 But then again, they add some extra responsibility on your shoulders, which is to keep track of all the modules and preventing them from getting lost.




The material of the pole saw should be the blend of toughness and lightness. Both of them, when mixed together in the right proportion, serve as the ultimate solution of the pole saw. When looking for material, you should be choosing the one which is fabricated with fiberglass as it tends to be an ideal material for the pole saws.

On the other hand, the blade should be made up of cast aluminum. Aluminum is light in weight and does not rust easily.


Blade Size


The size of the blade can affect and alter the overall performance and quality of the trimmer. The longer the span and length of the edge, the better it is to use. Thus, you should be looking for a saw which has a longer blade. This will help you to handle the pole well and give an excellent clean cut to the branches. It will also then be trivial for the gardener to tackle the branches.


Comfort Grip


As history suggests, the pole saws are not very comfy to use, but this doesn’t mean that it must remain the same. You can change the past easily by finding the one with an ergonomic design. With advancements in technology, you can easily find yourself an ergonomic option, and the handle has a nice pad that is comfy to use. Go with an option in which the thick pad can easily fit the hand and provide the right comfort level to use the saw.

Although, ergonomics is not yet a trend in manual pole saws, yet it doesn’t mean that you cannot find this at all.


9 Best Tree Pruner Assembly Instructions


For assembling the tree pruner, you should refer to the user manual. The instructions are provided by the manufacturer in detail.

 To start off, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Gather all the attachments for mounting the gears

  • Place all the parts on a surface area

  • In case of a telescopic pole, be sure that it is not fully extended

  • Remover the blade cover

  • Plot location for mounting holes in it

  • Align the holes in the module with the locking pin at one end

  • Place the clamp over the pin& blade

  • Put the lock washer over the screw

  • Tighten the Allen wrench using a screw

Note: Make sure you do not cut off yourself while assembling the pruner.

10 Easy Tips How to Trim a Tree with a Manual Pole Saw


In this section, I will explain to you how to use a manual pole saw. There could be various techniques to serve this purpose.

  • Extend the pole and then make sure that it is longer in length than the branch you want to chop.

  • Make sure that the saw is attached nice and tight and is not loose.

  • Find a flat base surface to cut the branch

  • Hold the pole firmly

  • For pruning small offices, you can pull the lever cutting action and use it to remove the saw back and forth

  • The thicker branches require cutting them in steps.

  • For a clean-cut, do not force the saw instead let the saw do the cutting

  • Just apply little pressure for this purpose, but don’t pull too hard else it will cause the branch to break off.

  • Keep a proper position for cutting the branch

  • Hold the pole tightly, so it does not wobble while pruning

Note: Always use safety gloves and wear goggles a hard hat as precautionary measures.

4 Important Points How To Maintain A Manual Pole Saw


If the pole saw is maintained adequately, then it can last longer. Although the manual pole saw does not require many efforts for its maintenance yet, to increase its life span, you need to consider the following things:

  • Make sure there are no loose parts before you are using the saw

  • The saw should be kept clean. You should use a damp, moist cloth for this purpose. Remove any fluids or debris from the saw before putting the cover back on.

  • Keep the blade covered as soon as you are done using it

  • Sharpen the knife every now and then for a clean cut


8 Safety Precautions When Using A Manual PoleSaw


Health comes first! Whether you are a pro or new to this, you need to take some precautionary measures for your safety. As safety is vital to prevent any damage or injury.

For this purpose, you should take a head start by reading the user manual, which is prescribed by the manufacturer.

Here are a few precautions that you can take to keep yourself safe and sound while nurturing your garden:

  • Always use protective gadgets.

  • The ground area that you are working on should be flat and stable.

  • The working area must not be slippery.

  • Make sure that no wires are hanging around the area that you are working.

  • Don’t be too close to the branch. Maintain a safe distance from it

  • When you are cutting thicker, and longer branches then try cutting them in steps instead than giving a big shot

  • Clear the area after you are done working

  • Clean and cover the saw after using it.


Pole saws are hence proved to be an essential tool that you must have in your gardening bucket. In a nutshell, manual pole saws are the best option to choose from. They not only save you cost but are ideal for day to day household needs. You do not need to be a pro to use them; you can be naïve and yet make the best use of them for handling your garden. They can save you energy and extra hustle. It also has a dazzling range of products that you can choose from, so you don’t need to feel left alone and stranded on a single saw.