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A pole saw blade is basically a pole with a saw attached at the end of it. The pole that the saw is connected to is usually extendable and reaches up to 10 or 20 feet, most of the time. The blade that is attached at the end is often a hacksaw with a slight curve. It is a piece of equipment that you must have for cutting and trimming trees. The pole saw blade is an important gardening and tree trimming tools. Knowing how to restring a pole saw blade is imperative knowledge for those who put their pole saw to use regularly.

When to Use a Pole Saw?


Tree trimming is essential for growing out healthy and strong trees and plants. Have you ever wondered though how difficult it would have been if the pole saw did not exist in the first place? Pole saws ensure the safety of the user as well. You may know that a pole saw is used for trimming and pruning, but do you also know the importance of the string of the pole saw?

A string is an important part of a pole saw and we should be restringing it on a regular basis. All our effort can be useless if the pole saw does not work properly. Therefore, the aim of this article is to teach the readers how to restring their pole saws, in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool.


Process of Using a Pole Saw


The process of restringing your pole saw blade is quite simple and can be done if you follow the eight easy steps, that are mentioned in this article. This article will serve as a complete guide on how to restring a pole saw. Before getting started with the whole restringing process, there are two preliminary steps that you must perform. The first one is to check whether the rope of the pole saw is sturdy or not; if it is not then referred to the eight easy steps to restring it. The second step that you need to take is that you need to ensure your safety wearing protective gear and taking relevant precautions.


Materials Needed to Restring a Pole Saw


In order to restring your pole saw, you will be requiring some essential materials and items. These materials are as follows:

  • One-fifteen or a long durable cord
  • Eyebolts
  • Sharp knife or a pair of scissors
  • Gloves for protection
  • Goggles for safety


8 Easy Steps to Restring a Pole Saw


If you are unsure of how to restring your pole saw, carry out the following easy steps, and you will be done with your job in no time:


Step 1: Wear Protective Gear.


As already mentioned above in the article, before you delve into the process of restringing your pole saw, you must wear protective equipment such as gloves and goggles to prevent any mishaps.


Step 2: Untie The Old Rope.


The next step is to check if your card has been damaged. If so, then it needs to be replaced. If you have two pulleys, then unthreading the old, damaged rope can be a little tricky.
If you have two pulleys, you should be careful in pulling the previous loop as it may loop over. You can use a screwdriver or ax for taking the rope away through pulleys and then untie the knot. If you have two pulleys, you should be careful in pulling the previous loop as it may loop over. You can use a screwdriver or ax for taking the rope away through pulleys and then untie the knot.


Step 3: Threading The Rope Finish.


 Thread the finish of the rope through the farthest possible from the handle through the outward-facing opening in the upper pulley.


Step 4: Tying The New Rope End.


Once you have un-looped the old rope, it is now time to tie the new one. Tie the end of the new rope to the anchor eye placed on the pole at the end of the moveable blade.
Now, depending upon the design of your pole saw, you must have to tie the rope to the grommet or on the anchor. A hitch or a bowline can be used to secure the end of the rope.


Step 5: Restringing The Pole Saw.


Pull the top of the rope upwards or downwards to the next pulley. Depending on the design of your pole saw, if the anchor eye is placed on the pole, then the first pulley should be located on the end of the lopper blade.
Vice versa occurs when the pole saw is designed to anchor the rope to the blade end. You can pull the blade towards, or away from the pulley.


Step 6: Securing The New Rope.


 In the absence of an anchor on the pole, you can screw an eye-bolt into the main pole in order to prevent the cord from flapping and becoming loose.


Step 7: Adjusting The Size Of The String.


A manual saw can be more easily operated using a shorter string. Therefore, you can then cut the rope to match your need. It can be cut to two or three feet. A wooden or plastic chuck can be used as a grip.


Step 8: Knotting The Rope.


Last but not least, in the event that you are using a cotton single polyester rope, you must remember to put a knot at the end of the cord.


Safety Precautions & Some Recommendations:


In order to complete the restringing process, there are a few extra steps that you need to adhere to. These steps are as follows:


  • Find and use a rope that seamlessly fits into the groove of the pulley.
  • In order to avoid friction, a polyester rope is preferred.
  • Always cover the blades before you restring your pole saw to avoid any accidents.
  • In order to further avoid any accidents and have a smooth running pruning and trimming process, you should use a handle with a good grip.


If you are an avid gardener and lawn groomer, then your pole saw is put to good use regularly. Therefore, it is imperative that you perform routine maintenance work on your pole saw. Check at frequent intervals whether the rope or cord of your pole saw needs replacement or restringing.

We hope that after reading this article now, you are now well versed in the process of how to restring a pole saw. The process is simple, quick, and hassle-free. Remember the additional guidelines and safety precautions, and you will be an expert at restringing at no time.