Pole saw is a tool that is used for chopping firewood, cutting down tree limbs, or just for trimming purposes. Having said that, it is quite different from the conventional tools that are found in our homes usually. The reason behind this is that pole saws require some training and practice by the user before they get into this process. Pole saws are designed in such a way that it helps to move out tree limbs. Pole saws can be both manual and electric.

We recommend that you go for an electric pole saw as they are easy and more comfortable to use instead of a manual pole saw. They are light in weight as well, which makes it the first choice for most of people. The electric pole saws allow the user to stand firmly on the ground and cut the branches of trees which are high up in the air.

Preparation Of Pole Saw Before Starting The Cutting Process


Most of the time, people are aware of how to use a manual pole saw. But once they get their hands on an electric one, they begin to doubt the existence of a manual pole saw. Electric pole saws are very easy to use; however, the difficulty depends upon the place you are going to use it. When you plan to use it in an outdoor setting, make sure to have a drag extension cord with you. This might sound tiring, but it is worth the pleasing results that you will achieve in the end. On the contrary, if you decide to use the pole saw in an indoor setting, it will be easy to use.

The pole has three segments that let it fold down and ready for storage. It is essential that you know the sections of your equipment very well. There are more risks involved if you are working with a tool that you are not familiar with. Hence it is something that we want to avoid at all costs. The motor of the pole saw is minimal, and so you would be able to sight the place you are working on. Upon pressing the switch, the blade of the pole saw gets started. Make sure to check your bag of accessories and manual that comes along with the equipment before jumping into the primary process. Read the details about the tool and then begin to start using it.

The manual saw works entirely as long as your target includes a few branches. However, electric pole saws are fast to clear up more trees in less time, as compared to a manual pole saw. Check your property with a keen eye and point out which curl you are going to work on. This is one of the most critical parts that you need to figure out first. Hence you really do not want to be the person who is in a confused state with a dangerous tool in their hands. Some electric pole saws come with a telescoping features which let you inspect the higher up branches of the tree, and makes your reach easily. To ensure that the task does not take much of your time, lubricate the chain before beginning the process.

The last step that you need to make sure is that the place you are going to clean is cleared. It is crucial that no people enter the area. Otherwise, they might be exposed to the risk of getting hurt. You need to be quick and rapid with the cutting process, or else it can prove to be a problem later on. Check beforehand that the blades of your pole saw are sharp enough.

Four Techniques Of How To Use An Eelectric Pole Saw



Step 1


To bring the pole saw in a vertical position, you need to use both hands for a good grip. Pause for a while to check if you have control over the weight of the equipment. While holding the pole saw, try to position yourself. Try to catch the end on your chest while standing on the side. For an adjustable pole saw, the height can be adjusted to ease up the process.


Step 2


While going for the first stroke, make sure you do it slowly, and not in a hurry. This is done in order to have control over the equipment. By doing so, the stroke bite becomes faster. Now you can create grooves, to fasten up the process of strokes. It is normal at this point to find that the pole saw is slipping to the side. This is caused when the branches slope. It is expected, so do not panic at this stage; just ensure that you have control over your pole saw. Then take a break to gather up energy. Reposition yourself after the short break, and continue stroking.


Step 3


When you find out that the saw is well placed on the groove, it means you have made it. Now you need to increase the speed of your stroke. At this stage, you will need the help of gravity and try to cut on the pull stroke. During this process, your eyes should be glued to the branch of the tree. Concentrate, focus, and try to bring together your full power and stability. Try not to make a mistake at this point since you are very close to being done now. Just before the branch falls down on the ground, make sure that you are in a safe spot, as you do not want the branch to hit you and cause injuries.


Step 4


After clearing up the tree branches, you need to clean up the place, clean your work area, and clear all the limbs that have fallen down. Before starting with a new cut, make sure that your worksite is cleared off, and the place is tidied up. This way, you will not trip and fall down.


Eleven Advantages Of Using An Electric Pole Saw




  • Easy to use even by beginners. An electric pole saw is more comfortable to handle and starts to function just by a press of a button.
  • No need for having a step ladder to reach higher branches of the tree.
  • There is a variety of pole saws available to choose from, according to your needs. For example, you are manicuring your trees, pruning limbs and branches, or trimming hedges.
  • Electric pole saws are light in weight, which is a very good character as it does not tire your arms and shoulders comfortably.
  • Electric pole saws are affordable and still have enough power to cut down branches several inches across.
  • You can choose the right length of the pole to meet your personal needs. You will find the adjustable buttons convenient when adjusting the size of the pole.
  • They are equipped with extra-power and fast cutting technology to work efficiently.
  • Electric pole saws require less maintenance with the automatic lubrication system delivering the right amount of lubricant to ease operations.
  • They take up less space and are easy to transport.
  • Pole saws have a long lifespan meaning they can give you hours of better experience pruning or cutting.
  • Cordless pole saws have a Lithium-Ion battery that provides long operation time.


As we conclude this article, we hope that you were able to gain something out of it. To be more accurate, try watching some YouTube videos and carry out extensive research as the chore is very risky. It is vital that you have stability over it, and you need to be as prepared as possible to carry out this activity. Do not carry out steps that you are doubtful of, and try not to get hurt. In the end, just be very focused and concentrate hard during the whole process. Good luck!