If you have a passion for gardening but are afraid of how to use the appropriate tools, you have come to the right place. Do not let the massive and lethal-looking tools frighten you. In fact, if you keep on reading, we compile a very comprehensive step by step guide about Pole saw cutting techniques that can be used by a beginner gardener which will not only enhance your gardening experience but will keep you away from cutting yourself as well.


What You Will Need


Before jumping right into the techniques, first, you need to be particular about a few things. First of all, you need to know about the kind of tree you will be cutting or trimming, as the techniques vary with tree times. Secondly, you need to have protective gear with you. This gear will ensure your safety while you chop down the tree branches. The protective equipment should comprise of work gloves, protective goggles for your eyes, a hard hat, and work boots. Lastly, you need a pole saw!


Step 1: Clear The Work Area


The very first thing that you need to do is clear a large area, especially the part before the tree branch. While doing so, make sure no one enters the space you have cleared out, so no one gets hurt. Moreover, clear the area from trip hazards like dead and fallen tree branches.


Step 2: Plan Of Where To Cut


The next thing that you need to do is select the specific area that you need to cut.


Step 3: Inspect Pole Saw Before Use


Moving on, inspect the pole saw before you start working with it. Check for any damages, check the chain. You can see if it is loose by pulling the chain 3mm and then releasing it. If it sags, then you need to tighten it. Avoid over-tightening of the chain too as it can cause a lot of wear. Lubricate the chain frequently, and inspect the pole as well for its tight connections.


Step 4: Grip The Pole Saw Securely With Both Hands


Hold the pole firmly with both your hands and the work gloves will help you in having a good grip. Place one hand in the handle and the other hand a couple of feet away on the pole. Move close to the target to prevent overreaching. The recommended angle is 60 degrees from ground level.


Step 5: Cut The Bottom First


In most cases, the blade starts with a cut from the bottom of the top of the branch. Try to go for a “V” cut. Begin from one angle from underneath and then revise the direction for a “V” cut. It is suggested that you work from the bark layer until you reach into the wood.


Step 6: Position The Pole Saw


Place the pole saw to an almost horizontal surface by using both your hands. Wait for a while, then to take control of its weight. Now reposition it to the cutting spot so that weight can stay on the branch.


Step 7: Position Yourself


Other than using the pole on the ladder, move to a suitable place to hold your end. Try to be in the chest level to stand well off, but never below it.


Step 8: Begin Cutting And Continue


Now it’s time to make a cut. The first strokes of your cut should be in control and very slow. Similarly, cut perpendicular so that the first bite is as deep as possible. The goal is to create a groove in the branch, which can act as a guideline later on.


Step 9: Relax Between Strokes


Using a pole saw can take up a lot of energy. It is heavy in weight, and a lot of physical activity is used to apply the pressure on the downward pull and then lifting the tool up again and away from you. Hence it is recommended that you take a quick break, unlock your muscles so they don’t get sore and avoid stress and fatigue that can later impact your cut.


Step 10: Finish Your Cut


In the entire process of cutting from pole saws, gravity helps a lot. Just be vigilant that a branch is not at a near point of falling, or else it can be quite dangerous. Finish with a smooth cut and retreat to a safe place then.


Eight Safety Concerns During Pole Saw Cutting


Just like using any other tools, when it comes to pole saws, there too are some precautions that you need to take. These can include:

  • Maintaining a reliable footing distance.


  • Do not try to operate the tool while and after consuming alcohol.


  • Make sure to have backup plans to dodge a tree branch.


  • Refrain from smoking and snacking while using the pole saw.


  • Ensure that children and pets are especially away from the property to avoid any incidents.


  • If the weather is dry, it is recommended that you keep a fire extinguisher with yourself.


  • Do not risk the growth of trees by trimming more than it is needed.


  • Stay alert throughout the whole process.

Even after following all the precautions, you still may find yourself being caught in a limb. In such circumstances, stop the motor of the pole saw right away by removing the battery pack. If the limb remains on the saw, lift the limb to dislodge the chain.



By providing these guidelines and safety measures about Pole Saw cutting techniques. We hope that your pole sawing experience goes with ease, without causing much trouble to you. With proper preparation, cutting techniques, any trimming project can be completed. Using a pole saw is easier to use than it may seem.

Show respect towards safety measurements as you don’t want to cause yourself any serious harm or injuries. It is also recommended that you talk to an expert, especially if you are using the tool for the first time. Carry out comprehensive research and be confident in the act. Good luck with pole sawing!